Website Packages

Note: We do not stall our web design services for over 30 days. After 30 days you will be charged a re-design fee & We don’t stall Website Updates/Maintenance service for over 2 months. After 2 months you need to purchase the Website Updates/Maintenance Plan to keep your website up to date.

Note: Prices are subject to change depends on the scope/features of the website. There is no refunds on services. There is only two revision per website.

We Accepts Payments from the following:

Web Design Services

This includes a website design & development such as landing pages, Basic website and 5-6 pages. Domain Name/Hosting isn’t include. Price starts as low as $500 depends on website scope and features.

Monthly Web Updates/Maintenance

This includes security scans on all of your core WordPress files, Plugins and Themes. Perform security updates for the themes and plugins, and make core software release updates.

E-Commerce Capabilities

Website with selling capabilities, a shopping cart and a paypal or other payment gateway. Up to 30 products listed included. Additional products will be charged additional.

Membership Capabilities

This includes a website with a membership side where members can access information that is not available for public viewing.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Online Appointment Booking System

Stripe Payment/PayPal Payment Integration

Event Booking System

Picture Gallery

Website Contact Form

Website Statistics

Social Media Integration